Meet With a Counselor Wherever You Are

Meet With a Counselor Wherever You Are

Receive virtual counseling from our specialist in Houston, TX

Genie Brown Joslin understands how difficult it can be to make it into a physical office, especially when you have a busy schedule or require transportation. This is why we offer virtual counseling services to residents outside of the Houston, TX area.

Call 281-974-5224 today to arrange your virtual counseling appointment.

Is virtual counseling right for you?

If you’re on the fence about virtual counseling, feel free to reach out to Genie Brown Joslin in Houston, TX. We offer free, 15-minute consultations so that our clients know what to expect.

Virtual counseling services are a great option for individuals who...

  • Have limited access to transportation
  • Are on a tight or busy schedule
  • Have physical limitations
  • Need a more convenient option
  • Are not comfortable meeting in-person

Do you have additional questions? Get in touch with us.