Senior Expo!

I will be participating in a Senior Expo on September 28, 2016. The event is hosted by The Leader newspaper. It is from 9 AM - 1:PM at SPJST Lodge 88 (15th St. & Beall). The Expo is FREE! And, there will be food & drink.

Along with many issues, they have invited professionals in health, finance, and legal issues. MENTAL HEALTH is a big part of all of these issues. Aging can bring on fear, depression, and doubt. Baby Boomers are not OLD. We have lived very differently than our parents. We are generally healthier because of progress in the medical field and information about how to take care of our bodies. TAKING CARE OF OUR MINDS and SPIRIT contribute to all aspects of health. Learning how to communicate effectively with partners, adult children, medical professionals, and all the institutions we encounter is critical. Being in a relationship for many years can be challenging. We face many challenges as we grow. Face them with you best effort. Hope to see you at my table at the Expo.