I know that l am experiencing PHSD, post traumatic Harvey disorder. I think most people in the broader Houston area are having stress reactions. I want to share a message that my friend wrote. It replaces images of destruction with images of humanity.

A few weeks ago, a hurricane named, jauntily enough, Harvey, hit the Gulf Coast and it rained and rained, the waters rose and rose, to biblical depths.

Tens of thousands of folks found themselves flooded out of their homes, sometimes stranded on their roofs or on the tops of their of cars, or wading through chest-deep water to get to high ground.

During those frightening days, thousands of other folks got in their boats to go rescue flood victims, brought supplies to shelters, helped muck out houses when the water receded….

And no one asked, before pulling a grandmother into a boat, or handing out diapers and bottled water “What political party are you affiliated with?” “What is your gender or sexual orientation?” “Are you in this country illegally?” “Who did you vote for?” “What is your religion?” …..

They asked “How can I help?”

Let's reflect on our capacity to look beyond differences and recognize our common humanity in times of crisis - and our impulse to magnify and focus on those differences when the storm has passed.”